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Welcome to Corseford School

Corseford School is no ordinary school: in the 1950s, we were founded by parents and health workers who were unhappy with the educational opportunities available for the disabled children in their care. They wanted better education and opportunities for those children and they set out to make that happen. Almost 70 years later we continue to strive to deliver the best education and experiences to the children and young people at Corseford School.

That pioneering spirit is still the foundation that drives the work we do to educate and support children and young people with complex and additional needs. We know that every child deserves the very best education and start in life, irrespective of their circumstances. What that ‘ very best’ looks like depends on the child and we know every child is different but Corseford School remains consistent in our aims to nurture children and help them achieve their very best.

We want our children and young people, known as learners at Corseford, to feel a sense of belonging in our school and confident that we will work with them, their families, carers, and the experts who help enhance their lives.

Most importantly, we want to ignite a life-long spark for learning and a passion in our learners to discover their own voice.

To our learners, families and friends you belong at Corseford School.

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