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A Capability Scotland School


Justice • Music • Sharing His Voice

Rory is a bit of a thrill seeker and thoroughly enjoys time in our adapted playpark, counting spins with his friends on the roundabout; the faster the better. Through his time at Corseford, he has developed his ability to express his views confidently through a clear yes or no, supported in collaboration with speech and language therapy.

Our multidisciplinary team maximise opportunities for Rory to clearly express his voice in a variety of contexts. His passion for the environment and justice for all made him the perfect spokesperson when the school received a visit from the Children’s Commissioner. Rory used his PODD book and head switch to generate and share his very clear views on the rights of the child, advocating that all children should have the right to a suitable home that meets their needs. More recently, he attended Capability Scotland’s “Have Your Say” forum where he expressed his enjoyment of school and his desire to do more work in the school grounds. Music is a big motivator for Rory too and he loved showcasing his abilities with Matilda Brown, a visiting performing arts tutor.

Rory operated the sound beam with his head and glided his hand over the iPad to produce different sounds as part of our recent school Christmas production. His smile and giggles were infectious to the audience. He loves a bit of slapstick humour and lots of social interaction, using his step-by-step switch to share jokes and make us laugh. Rory benefits from the hydrotherapy pool, helping his muscles to relax and feel lighter, which makes him more comfortable and happy.

Rory’s dad commented, “Corseford is a great place for Rory, he goes in smiling and comes out smiling, we are delighted that this is Rory’s school!”