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A Capability Scotland School

Our Vision & Values

We believe that every individual should be celebrated for their uniqueness and their achievements. We work together and learn together so that every child or young person succeeds in life. All learning is exciting, challenging and meaningful. Our positive ethos is important to us, and we ensure that the learning and development of our children and young people is at the heart of what we do. Our values are:


We believe that everyone should be as independent as possible in all aspects of their life.


We promote fun, positivity, innovation, and teamwork.


We have high expectations for all and endeavour to enable all learners to participate, develop and achieve.


We are proud of Corseford School and celebrate each success. We work hard to be the best we can be


We work and lead collaboratively to plan and move forward, developing partnerships with the local community. Our whole school community is based on mutual trust and respect.