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A Capability Scotland School

Sunshine Tots

We know that starting and leaving school is exciting but can also bring some uncertainties for families. We have services on either side of school age to create easier transitions for our young people.

Every week, we welcome toddlers between 0 and 4 to Corseford for our bespoke, child-centred Sunshine Tots Group. Our tots and their families come along to have fun, play, connect with other families and benefit from our onsite facilities and staff who provide advice for families, many of whom are new to having a disabled child and understanding what this means for them.

Our tots group is the perfect introduction to what an educational journey at Corseford School would offer, with a route to joining the School when they are ready to do so.

Our toddlers are valued members of our school community and are included in the exciting celebrations we have within the school. The toddlers thoroughly enjoy all the play opportunities and friendship-making, but it also provides a much-needed support network for their families.