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Stories • Laughs • Sharing His Voice

Kyle joined Corseford in S3 and has gradually built his confidence, quickly becoming a valued friend to all of our learners at Corseford School.
His transition to Corseford was made easier by the calm and caring environment provided by our talented, multidisciplinary team. Since joining in 2021, Kyle’s social skills have developed, enabling him to build relationships and friendships. He loves having jobs to do that allow him to communicate with others.

He is always happy to demonstrate his communication skills by sharing news, stories and jokes with everyone he meets. Kyle enjoys the sensory aspect of education and comes to life vocalising his enjoyment during sensory stories, actively grasping and exploring props used during these stories.

This develops his understanding and ability to indicate a preference. Exploring the outdoors is an important part of Kyle’s school day, he enjoys having responsibility for tending the raised beds and looking after the local wildlife that visit the school. In PE, Kyle’s competitive streak comes out and he actively engages and participates in both team and individual sports such as boccia, basketball, hockey and bowling, developing his grasp and control of his hand movement.

His sense of humour is showcased more when he finds opportunities to be mischievous, keeping us on our toes! Kyle enjoys rebound therapy with the physiotherapy team, where he gets to explore different postures out of his wheelchair, along with the sensory input from the bouncing while he plays with different communication switches or listens to his favourite music.